Professional legal translations
Professional legal translations
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Information to be provided by the customer to the translator

  • Target country of the translation
    (e.g. for translations into German: CH or DE, for translations into English: GB or US)
  • Purpose of the translation
    (e.g. for internal use only or for official purposes, for publication)
  • Is a certified translation required or not?
  • Supporting material or preceding correspondence in the same case, if any, so as to ensure consistent use of terminology
  • Company contact for clarifying terminology, misunderstandable formulations, inconsistencies identified in the source text or other cases of doubt
  • Could any existing glossaries or background information be provided, if required
  • Deadline for delivery of the translation
  • Other technical information (e.g. formatting, layout, etc.)

Translator's work flow

  • Analysis of the source text with regard to grammar, spelling, obvious mistakes, completeness
  • Decision whether any additional tools, dictionaries, glossaries or other sources of information (e.g. relevant standards or databases) have to be used
  • Start of the translation process as such
  • Proofreading and performance of the required corrections
  • Delivery of the finished translation

How to distinguish an excellent professional from an amateur translator
Excellent professional translatorAmateur translator
Will furnish advice and recommendations with regard to formal and material requirements Will not waste time and effort on support and consultation  
Will never promise to finish voluminous projects within a few daysWill even accept the tighest deadlines for large volumes order to get the job
Will never accept to work for inadequate remuneration Will even accept lowest rates to get the job
Will willingly co-operate with you and assist you in all matters concerning your projectWill not be interested in any aspects beside translation as such for lack of time
Will always keep his promise with regard to delivery time, confidentiality, qualityWill often find excuses for delays in delivery (computer crash, transmission failures, accident etc.)
Creates glossaries for large-scale projects and long-term co-operationsRegards his/her job finished after translation
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